The Moeke Fund

Helps children

The Moeke Fund operates on a global basis supporting projects that, in one form or another, facilitate children’s welfare. This range of support can be extended to include young adults still within the learning age.

All these examples indicate how global and diverse the supported projects are. Moeke will support small-scale private enterprises with goals to improve the quality of life that have a lasting positive effect on the community. Engaging the local community with the project is mandatory. After initial funding it is hoped that a project, once set up, will be able to proceed independently.


for healthy food in Bolivia

Moeke in action

a selection of the different projects

  • In Bolivia Moeke Fund was involved in a project to set up school gardens that now supply healthy and sustainable food.
  • At home in the Netherlands Moeke provided free membership to sport clubs and free swimming lessons to children from families that otherwise could not afford such activities.
  • In Africa Moeke played a rol in developing alternative rituals to replace the traditional ones in which young girls were being circumcised.
  • Stylish glasses that can be measured without expert supervision and supplied to those whose sight is deficient is another African project supported by the Moeke Fund.
  • Washing machines and a fridge were bought for an orphanage home in India and the fund also made possible that a number of beds could be repaired and put to use again.
  • A nursery in Asia, a technical school in Peru, equipment used as part of a screening method to identify child abuse in the Netherlands… the list goes on.

The Moeke Fund welcomes applications from all over the world.

Our aim is to keep both the regions and projects we choose to support, as diversified as possible. This diversification plays an important role in the choices we make.