offers women and girls a sustainable solution to manage their periods comfortably and with dignity.

The Jambo Fund

Helps people in Africa

The fund will support projects that help people in Africa move foreward. To this end, projects that help these people become financially independent and make sustainable contributions to their well-being are particularly welcome.

Concerning financial independence, projects that help set up and develop local enterprises may apply for support from the Jambo Fund. A one-off donation to such projects not only generates immediate income to those who need it most, it is also capable of providing a steady income for the future.

Jambo in actie

In addition to financially orientated projects Jambo supports projects concerned with health care, education, water provision schemes, and aid for youths. Currently we sponsor a group of Kenyan students. We also donate AFRIpads to local women organizations in various regions. AFRIpads are beneficial to women’s health and can have a positive outcome on school attendance of young female pupils. To find out more please visit

We give precedence to small-scale projects when deciding which ones to support.

Small-scale is the key factor that all Jambo supported projects have in common. We will make assessments as to what our donation may contribute to the project. Along with this we will consider the applicant’s dependence on the Jambo Fund for a contribution. To this end we will check to see if the applicant receives aid by other means or from other funds. By following these procedures we ensure that our humble donation will contribute in the best possible way to the project most in need and most dependant on our support.

Sengerema Foundation

Project: “Young entrepreneurs in Tanzania”